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We are growing throughout the UK and internationally!

Here is the five-step process to create an IASTI® in your region:


1. Consulting

We work with partners to create the rationale for an International Air & Space Training Institute (IASTI®) in your region.

We create the outline and full business cases, funding options, partners, outline designs and costings.

In parallel, we work with industry and engage the next generation to be ready for the education and training to commence. 

The Journey

2. Customising versions of Pathways

We customise a version of our Master 'Launch' Pathways to suit the delivery requirements across the age ranges, three pathway elements and qualification outcomes - including sustainability throughout.

Broken down into theoretical knowledge, practical skills and core skills, each of our initial three pathways - engineering, ground operations and pilot - fully embeds industry-led training into the education system, exceeding the regulatory elements.


3. Creating the right outcomes

We work with our partners in industry to create unrivalled learning materials, equipment and facilities.


Delivering in the classroom, training room, workshops, simulators, emulators and live training environments, our industry-derived trainers turn the Launch Pathway into nationally validated qualifications and we ensure that industry gets the people that it needs.


4. Engaging and Enrolling

We work with ENGAP UK and partners to identify who and how to recruit students to the Pathways, inspiring and engaging them by working with our industry Partners. 

Focusing on the right person, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity is vital if the industry is truly to become diverse, inclusive and sustainable.


5. Connecting to Jobs

Industry needs people with the right skills at the right time from all backgrounds. 


When students are ready to progress to their first jobs, we work with our Partners to create progress from training into employment locally, nationally and internationally - initially focusing on engineering, ground operations and pilots.

We focus not just on first jobs but also on progression throughout careers.