Chair, IASTI® Standards Board (A committee of the IASTI® Board). 


Appointment: In the region of 2 days (15 hours) per month. Remuneration: TBC


Location: As required.

Responsible to: IASTI® Board.

Responsible for: IASTI® academic and professional standards.

IASTI® is an exciting new, high growth organisation with a global strategy to create a network of centres to train the next generation of aviation professionals. Partnered with industry and education, our innovative Pathways place the younger generation on their upward trajectory towards and through, to a rewarding industry career. Incorporating blended learning techniques, utilising the latest VR and AR technology, our industry led trainers teach to the latest developments in our industry.


Within the parameters set by the IASTI® Board, the Chair of the Standards Board will use their knowledge of Aviation and educational regulatory procedures, to ensure that the IASTI® academic and professional standards are clearly defined and achieved across all IASTI® delivery sites and platforms. The post holder will be accountable to the IASTI® Board for compliance with applicable academic and professional standards.



Leadership and management

  1. To be accountable to the IASTI® Board for the development, maintenance and enhancement of high-quality education and training across the IASTI® Pathways.

  2. To ensure that appropriate procedures are in place to facilitate and control an audit programme of the academic and professional training delivered across IASTI® delivery sites and platforms.

  3. To provide leadership in the implementation and oversight of the IASTI® standards.

  4. To ensure IASTI® and its partners remain compliant with all legislative and statutory requirements and the expectations of relevant authorities, including, but not limited to, health & safety, safeguarding, and applicable funding agreements with the DfE and/or the ESFA.

  5. To support IASTI® in preparing for external audits (e.g., by Ofsted, CAA etc.), and ensure that any corrective action plans arising from such audits are implemented and progressed.

  6. To advise the IASTI® Board and ensure that Board Members have accurate and timely information and reports to enable them to function effectively.

Development and quality assurance

  1. To keep up to date with current and emerging applicable educational policy and legislation and initiatives to understand, mitigate and exploit the impact on IASTI® and its partners.

  2. Create a culture of constant improvement and ensure that there are clear quality assurance systems embedded across IASTI® that drive consistency and improvement in performance.

  3. Support and deliver mechanisms for listening to the views of beneficiaries on the organisation’s delivery and performance including opportunities for new areas of delivery.


  1. To agree objectives and targets with the CEO of IASTI®, and undergo periodic monitoring and review.

  2. To maintain professional standards in relationships, including non-discriminatory practices. To adopt a client-centred approach and to deal promptly and considerately with others.

  3. To work with flexibility as demanded by the role but with due regard to the need for a healthy work-life balance.

  4. To undertake any other duties as may reasonably be required, including administrative duties appropriate to the role.

To apply to this role: please email your cover letter and CV to