IASTI® Announces Significant 2022 Expansion Plans at Dubai Airshow

Aviation connects the World. A strong and sustainable Aviation Industry is a key driver for Economic growth for the World Economy.

The International Air & Space Training Institute (IASTI®) and its Stakeholder Board - chaired by Boeing and including high-level support from Embraer, the UK Royal Air Force, London City Airport, and the University of Central Lancashire - have been systematically evaluating the first eight weeks of operation of the flagship IASTI® London City programme and have unanimously agreed that the training and engagement model created by IASTI® to meet the STEM Subject ethos is ready for significant expansion in 2022, not only in the UK, but also across global educational establishments.

The results and feedback from the students and teaching bodies of the 50+ inclusive and diverse learners on the IASTI® Launch 2 Pathway (16-18 year olds) and the initial deployment of the IASTI Launch 1 Pathway (age 18+) with partners have surpassed all educational and training expectations.

The world is facing a shortage of the right people with the right skills. Boeing’s latest pilot and technician report highlights a shortage of 612,000 pilots and 626,000 technicians worldwide:


The main aviation players in the Middle East alone have said that they will need an additional workforce of 165,000 to support their ambitions in the short to medium term.

Based on our positive experience and the global need, we are confident that IASTI®’s training and engagement model is ready to deploy internationally in order to play a key part in the post-pandemic global recovery, offering as it does a practical and affordable method of creating a sustainable supply of engaged and right skilled people for the relaunched industry. Therefore, we are launching our global plans, supported by the UK ‘pilot’, and we will be actively seeking and selecting countries, regions and partners who can help us to achieve the full integration of industry-led training and education and the global roll-out that the industry needs.

IASTI®’s Chair of the Stakeholder Board, Nichola Bates, said: “I am immensely proud to be leading the industry partners on the IASTI® Stakeholder Board as we launch our scale-up based on the successful UK ‘pilot’. The world needs a sustainable supply of the right people from the right background and I am confident that we have found the right solution to achieve that. I encourage all of industry to get behind this initiative with its ‘collaboration before competition’ approach,”

IASTI®’s Founder and Chief Executive Simon Witts said: “I have worked long and hard to find the right solution to what has become a major obstacle to the recovery and re-growth of air and space. As somebody who, growing up, witnessed first-hand the national and international training systems that led to our global industry success I know that we can achieve this again and have committed all of my efforts and those of my growing team to achieving this success collaboratively.”

Details of the 2022 scale-up are due to be released on December 1st at a special virtual event – details will be on our website shortly. This will include further UK locations and the first international projects.

Notes for Editors:

1) IASTI is a movement that sees the right knowledge, skills, competencies and behaviours being delivered on three main stages directly integrated into the curriculum: pre-16, post-16 and post-18, as well as for people already in employment. This means that industry can directly participate in the formal education and training at a much earlier stage ensuring that the right people are given the right skills, trained by the right people in the right facilities and using the right equipment.

2) The first IASTI was launched at London City in July 2021 and the post-16 training started in September 2021. IASTI London City’s post-16 education and training Pathway is the result of a partnership with the London Design & Engineering University Technical College (UTC) - a 13-18 school. Pre-16 and post-18 Pathway elements are to be delivered with the UTC and other Partners including the University of East London, University of Central Lancashire and others, which will be announced in due course.

3) Further IASTIs in the UK and overseas will be announced later in the year. By 2025, IASTI’s ambition is that this becomes the way that the industry trains, reducing duplication of training and directly influencing the next generation of aviation professionals.

4) IASTI is working with Project ENGAP, an international group of aviation professionals committed to ensuring that the industry attracts, educates and retains the next generation of aviation professionals. ENGAP UK, a CIC, is directly engaged in the project and London City and elsewhere. Its sister organisation, ENGAP Canada, is working with the new Waterloo Institute of Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA) to support innovative research that will assist in Project ENGAPs aims worldwide. ENGAP USA is in its formation stage with further planned worldwide.